Pure CSS

A lot can be done using only pure css. Don't believe it? This whole site design is written purely in CSS. Check it out!

Vanilla Code

Frameworks like Bootstrap are heavy and clunky. Vanilla code let's you have flexibility and you get faster results.

Complex Designs

I had experience with large scale websites. As the site gets bigger it's usually harder to maintain. Not for me!

Responsive Design

Responsive design is today's status quo. It's an art by itself, and by using mobile-up design I give it the attention it deserves.

Team Collaboration

Be it designers, Back-End developers or Project Managers, I've seen and been with them all, working with strict timelines and requirements.

Pixel Perfect

Designers are a special kind. They have keen eye for the slightest variation from their design. If you want your site perfect, that's my speciality.


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